Solar Eclipse Glasses


Tips to Viewing a Solar Eclipse Safely

Solar eclipses are a natural phenomenon that few people get to see often in their lifetime. It always makes headlines when one is coming up, particularly if it is to be a total eclipse. The sudden darkening f the world around you turning day into night is truly something amazing to behold and feel. Besides the loss of light perhaps the most important effect people notice is the sudden cold in the atmosphere and the changes in animal and even insect behavior. Unfortunately many do take risks with their health by staring directly into the sun to get a first hand view of the happenings.

Unfortunately, looking directly at the sun, even for a few seconds, will burn the eyes retinas. The damage can even be irreparable and lead to blindness. This is why a people are always advised to make use of solar eclipse glasses in order to be able to get the desired view without sacrificing their sight. These glasses are specially designed to be much darker than normal sunglasses. With such a covering you can comfortably and safely look directly into the sun’s light to see eclipses and other solar phenomenon.

These glasses are fairly cheap and durable but not easily accessible to everyone, particularly if you left it too late to try and acquire them. An alternative to this would be to create a pinhole projector. They are simple to build quickly and allow you to track the progress of the eclipse by viewing its reflection. If you do work with welding materials and have welder’s goggles rated 14 or more, then these can also be suitable for the same use. If you did not buy your own solar eclipse glasses in good time, then check with your local space museum or astronomy club to find out if you can hire a pair for the big event.